What is PRI?

What is PRI phone service?

When choosing enterprise phone solutions, organizations must often decide between a SIP or PRI phone system. Both technologies connect businesses to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) through Private Branch Exchange (PBX) equipment located on-premises.

For those unfamiliar with the details of a PRI trunk solution, here is a short primer on “what is PRI?” and its advantages and advantages.

What is PRI?

PRI stands for Primary Rate Interface, a telecommunications interface standard deployed on an ISDN line for transmitting multiple voice signals between users and the PSTN.

What is PRI’s greatest benefit?

PRI service is the standard for enterprise telephone communications today. When compared to VoIP technology, PRI is thought to offer superior call quality and security since voice traffic is carried on a dedicated line rather than over the public Internet.

What is PRI’s most significant downside?

With the growth of VoIP telephony and SIP trunking systems that provide telecommunications services over the Internet, PRI phone service is often seen as a technology that is in decline. Yet many enterprises have invested heavily in PRI systems and are reluctant to abandon these investments completely, which is led to the presence of many hybrid systems in enterprise telephony.

What is a PRI interface from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise offers an easy-to-scale interface for PRI service that can be managed with existing PRI-compatible phone systems. Our interface uses fiber-based technology to connect a PBX or key system to the PSTN while providing an integrated suite of management, reporting and business-continuity features to maximize efficiency and availability.

What does PRI service with Spectrum Enterprise offer over other solutions?

Spectrum Enterprise PRI Phone services provide dedicated bandwidth for voice calls, enabling voice traffic to no longer compete for bandwidth with network data services. Our PRI Trunk Services Portal enables administrators to securely access usage details and reporting capabilities to manage voice services in real-time.

What is PRI reliability with Spectrum Enterprise fiber-based technology?

To ensure exceptional reliability, we route all PRI traffic over our wholly-owned fiber network and provide a competitive service level agreement (SLA) along with 24x7 proactive monitoring for high availability.

What does PRI service from Spectrum Enterprise require in capital costs?

Our PRI Phone solution integrates with current PRI-compatible systems, avoiding the need for new equipment and helping to reduce up-front costs and training requirements.

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