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Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) for Spectrum Business Phone Service, Spectrum Enterprise SIP Trunking Service and Spectrum Enterprise PRI Service (collectively, “Voice Services”)



We may suspend or terminate your Voice Services if you:

  • manipulate the Voice Services to enable its use at a location other than the address(es) on your Service Order except as otherwise agreed to in writing by Time Warner Cable’s parent, Charter Communications Operating and its subsidiaries providing the Service (“Spectrum Business”);

  • engage in excessive call forwarding or use of call forwarding or conferencing features to act as a bridge to chat lines or other conferencing facilities;

  • resell or redistribute Voice Services without Spectrum Enterprise’s written agreement (e.g., a value added reseller (“VAR”) agreement) or facilitate the making of calls intended primarily to generate “call termination” or similar payments to any third parties or that have the effect of generating unusually high call termination or similar payments to any third parties.

Spectrum Enterprise may use various tools and techniques to monitor and ensure your compliance with the Spectrum Enterprise Terms and Conditions, this Acceptable Use Policy and any other agreement governing the Voice Services. When an account holder or user of Voice Services exhibits calling patterns indicating potentially inappropriate use, such as excessive call volumes or abnormal usage patterns, we may review the account’s calling patterns further. However, we will not monitor your telephone conversations for the purpose of determining whether you are complying with this policy.

In accordance with this policy and your Spectrum Enterprise Services Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate Voice Services immediately at any time if you violate this Acceptable Use Policy or your Spectrum Enterprise Terms and Conditions including any incorporated documents or policies. Except in extraordinary situations, we will contact you before taking action to discuss the cause of any unusual calling patterns or other activity giving rise to our concerns and to resolve the matter with you. However, if your use of the Voice Services continues to violate this policy, then your Service will be suspended in whole or in part and you will be sent a disconnection notice. During any such service suspension, you may continue to make local calls, including calls to reach 911 emergency services, and receive incoming calls, and you will be permitted to move your current telephone number(s) to a new service provider provided that you do so prior to the disconnection date contained in your suspension letter.