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Acceptable Use Policy




Bright House Networks seeks to create and foster an online community that can be used and enjoyed by all its clients. To further that goal, Bright House Networks has developed an Acceptable Use Policy. Although much of what is included here is common sense, Bright House Networks takes these issues very seriously and will enforce its rules to ensure enjoyment by all its clients. Bright House Networks therefore has reserved the right to remove any content posted to its system, which it deems offensive, inappropriate, or in violation of its policies. It also reserves the right to suspend or cancel a client's account for engaging in inappropriate conduct (clients, of course, also remain legally responsible for any such acts.) In using Bright House Networks services, clients accept these restrictions as well as those set forth in the Service Agreement and agree to use the Service only for lawful purposes and not to use or allow others to use Bright House Networks:

  • To post or transmit hate speech, threats of physical violence, or harassing content

  • To post or transmit material in violation of copyright laws

  • To post or transmit content that is legally obscene or violates child pornography statues or contain graphic visual depictions of sexual acts, visual depictions or sexually explicit conduct involving children, or depictions of children, the primary appeal of which is prurient

  • To post or transmit other sexually oriented material that, in the specific context, is offensive or inappropriate

  • To post or transmit commercial email from a residential account or bulk email with prior written approval of Bright House Networks

  • To post or transmit off-topic or commercial messages on bulletin boards

  • To engage in illegal, unlawful, or tortuous conduct or other conduct that interferes with Bright House Networks ability to provide service or interferes with the rights of others including, but not limited to libel, invasions of privacy, consumer fraud, unauthorized dissemination of trade secrets, violation of trademark laws, hacking, or transmittal of commercially restricted information

  • For running packet sniffers, decoders, analyzers, password gatherers, or other similar tools for any purpose whatsoever

Subscriber will not resell the Bright House Networks Service, or any portion thereof, or otherwise charge others to use Bright House Networks, or any portion thereof. Further, Subscriber will not redistribute the Bright House Networks Service, or any portion thereof, whether or not Subscriber receives compensation for such redistribution.

As described in detail in the Bright House Networks Privacy Policy, unless you object, Bright House Networks may disclose certain subscriber information, limited to your name, address, phone number and the particular services to which you subscribe to certain commercial entities such as advertisers and direct mail or telemarketers. In addition, you should be aware that in keeping with federal and state law, Bright House Networks, in response to court orders or specified legal process or certain kinds of emergency government requests, may turn over other information such as the content of email.

Bright House Networks reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, effective immediately upon posting of the modification. Use of Bright House Networks services constitutes acceptance of the Acceptable Use Policy in effect at the time of use.