Closing the enterprise fiber gap


As advancements in technology open doors to opportunity, the business landscape has forever changed. Industries are converging. New ecosystems are forming. And the race to compete is at an all-time high. The race to satisfy client needs faster. To extend digital services farther. From retail and banking to manufacturing and healthcare, industry and company lines have blurred. Whether large or small, organizations of all sizes are more interdependent. And they look to technology to make it all work. As more businesses adopt the cloud, IoT, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, lack of mission-critical connectivity means lack of progress.

Can newly formed ecosystems thrive without consistent access to mission-critical bandwidth? Can physicians seamlessly connect with health systems and hospitals? Can universities share research and information with other institutions and businesses in real time? Some cannot.

Why? Because not all enterprise buildings have access to fiber.

Across the U.S., almost all enterprise buildings with 250 employees or more are fiber-lit, while less than half of buildings with 20 to 50 employees have access to fiber.1 Yet the need for fiber bandwidth is just as important at these locations. With digital infrastructure opening opportunity to companies of all sizes, this access gap translates into significant challenges for growing ecosystems.

Today, access to fiber is fundamental to the progress of every organization across every industry. As organizations become more interconnected, more instrumented and more dependent on connectivity, their networks don’t just support their businesses, their networks are their businesses.

That’s why we are investing more than one billion dollars to increase client access to our national fiber network.

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We’re closing the gap for clients by absorbing the costs of fiber construction for the majority of enterprise buildings within our footprint. We believe that every enterprise should have the opportunity to reach its full potential. In fact, we’ve been adding more than 50 fiber-lit buildings to our national network every day.

Access to fiber is too important. Connectivity, too mission-critical. And digital infrastructure too fundamental to progress.

Join us as we turn the promise of technology into the digital progress the world needs, together.

1 Vertical Systems Group

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