Injecting network connectivity into urgent care


Long wait times can ruin the patient experience. In fact, average wait time can be a major factor when deciding which walk-in clinic to visit when urgent care is needed.

However, at an urgent care provider with more than a dozen locations across a Midwestern city, patient visits take less than one hour—and most patients see the doctor within 10 minutes. Here, patient satisfaction scores are near perfection: 4.9 out of 5 stars, compared to the most common hospital ratings of 3 stars.

A reliable network makes this possible. The organization’s founder, a physician, had a vision for a new type of urgent care experience: He combined highly disciplined triage with fiber network connectivity to create fast-moving, patient-focused processes that sped up everything from patient intake at the front desk to capturing real-time notes in the exam room. Patients responded with rave reviews.

As patient satisfaction grew, so did the company. At each new clinic, IT leadership needed more bandwidth and high-performance from their network, so they switched to Spectrum Enterprise.

A better patient experience

High-performance Spectrum Enterprise Fiber Internet Access (FIA) service, connected to the Ethernet network, allows the healthcare organization to better serve the nearly 250,000 patients it sees each year. This connectivity enables staff to monitor patient volume across different locations in real-time using a cloud-based scheduling application. Extra personnel are deployed to busy facilities so wait times stay within the 10 minute average.

Even better, the seamless interoperability of locations and patient records brings continuity of care and allows patients to visit any location for a follow-up. As an added bonus to the patient experience, the healthcare organization equipped the 10 private patient rooms at each location with Spectrum Enterprise TV for healthcare service.

Propelling growth

As the organization continues to add new locations, Spectrum Enterprise stands at the ready to help build a network that supports a better patient experience..

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Theresa Dudley

Program Manager

With 20-plus years of program and product management experience, Theresa Dudley is the Manager of Healthcare Programs at Spectrum Enterprise. She stays current with healthcare industry trends and represents Spectrum Enterprise at healthcare conferences and events.

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