3 upgrades hoteliers can make to improve the guest experience and enhance revenue


When hoteliers look at which areas of the business they can monetize to realize untapped revenue potential, they often turn to technology. While these technology opportunities exist across the property, the in-room opportunities can produce double the benefit to hoteliers. Many in-room technology investments create both additional revenue and a significantly improved guest experience.

Check out how the following three technology-driven in-room upgrades can drive new or enhanced revenue streams:

  1. Upgrade in-room TV content: Gone are the days when guests used their TVs to simply watch shows. A recent Oracle study showed that 41 percent of guests said they want to see recommendations for restaurants, attractions and events on their in-room TVs. With hospitality systems integrators such as Moviebeam, hoteliers can also give guests those recommendations via customized menu pages on the in-room TV.

    Hotels can take advantage of this prime on-screen real estate and create a new revenue stream by selling ads to local attractions and activities. Guests can look at things to do and places to go all, on the in-room TV.

  2. Upgrade in-room TV functionality: It’s been 40 years since the first hotel offered Showtime to guests, and now premium cable channels, delivered reliably, are guest expectations. In the decades since, entertainment options have continued to evolve, with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime becoming popular. To support this, more hotels offer casting capabilities, allowing guests to use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to seamlessly cast video streaming services to the hotel TV.

    Hoteliers can enhance their PPV revenue streams by offering the latest box office hits via a video provider with a strong line-up of options, then setting profitable prices for watching them. The hotel pays a base fee for the movies and then can set their own prices for the guests.

  3. Upgrade in-room TV integration: Whether in-room or on property, guests today want more control over various aspects of their stay. Technology is a key factor in providing this for them. In fact, Oracle states 68% of guests are interested in using technology to book spa appointments, 41% want to use it to get concierge suggestions and 36% want to make service requests directly from their in-room TV.

    An interactive in-room TV system can help drive guests to on-property outlets. The convenience of booking spa appointments or golf tee times gives hoteliers more opportunity to enhance revenue by promoting their services—and schedule more appointments.

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Ankur Sheth

CEO, Moviebeam

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