How network connectivity has changed hotels


Fueled by the rise of coworking spaces, more and more hoteliers have made their WiFi open to the public. Why? Reliable connectivity in the lobby not only attracts guests but also attracts locals. Plus, it delivers additional revenue opportunities they can take advantage of.

Such as, you ask? Hotel owners have opened coffee shops and bars—available to everyone, not just guests. Some hoteliers provide additional amenities such as drawers for visitors to rent and lock as a secure area to store laptops or other devices. With a WiFi to connect devices and food and drinks at hand, the lobby is the new public square, packed with communal tables where people sit, work and socialize.

While the guest and local resident demand for connectivity has reshaped the lobby, new technology delivered over a reliable network has also transformed the hotel room. Here are what guests want—and what hotels need to offer to meet those expectations.

The technology hoteliers need

  • Immediate connectivity: Whether travelling for business or pleasure, 82 percent of U.S. guests reported connecting to in-room WiFi. It’s often the first thing tablet-toting, smartphone-clutching guests ask about when they arrive on property, and almost 80 percent of guests are interested in streaming via in-room WiFi . What hoteliers must have to meet this expectation is a Managed WiFi solution.

  • Uninterrupted access to TV shows and movies: Hotel guests still want TV channels and movies. Fiber networks help deliver video services quickly and reliably with dedicated bandwidth needed to handle guests’ content demands. And video options that are delivered over a terrestrial fiber-based network (such as our fiber-based video service Fiber Connect Plus) offer a more reliable picture since they are not susceptible to weather-related disruptions and outages.

  • Casting capabilities: In today’s era of binge-watching, guests also want to bring their digital lives with them. For example, they want to watch the same programs in their hotel rooms that they watch at home. Casting capabilities allow them to use their devices to seamlessly stream content to the hotel TV. Casting relies on a PAN (personal area network), which allows guests to connect their devices with in-room smart TVs. Hoteliers can help guests create a PAN, which is like having a dedicated WiFi platform for every room, through Managed WiFi

  • On-screen info: A recent study uncovered that 41 percent of guests want to see recommendations for restaurants, attractions and events on their in-room TVs. Thanks to hospitality systems integrators like Moviebeam, this is possible.

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Carry on the connectivity conversation

The demand for reliable WiFi has reinvigorated the hotel lobby and transformed guest room experience. Throughout the hotel, connectivity never stops—as long as hoteliers implement the right solutions across their properties to satisfy their guests and the growing coworking communities. Interested in learning more about how you can leverage connectivity to transform the guest experience? Learn more about how we partner with hotels to reliably deliver guests the faster connections and compelling content they expect.

At #AAHOACON19, the 30th annual convention and trade show hosted by Asian American Hotel Owners Association in San Diego, later this month, we’ll be discussing connectivity, the guest experience and more. I invite you to stop by the Spectrum Enterprise booth, #1906, for more insight.

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