A wealth advisory firm delivers a better experience to clients through a centralized network


At one Midwest wealth management company, there’s no need for clients to travel far to meet with their financial advisors.

Instead, advisors work from different branches day to day to be more available to clients across the region. But an arbitrary IT strategy leveraging different vendors and technologies meant they couldn’t provide a consistent, high-quality client experience when they switched locations.

For example, advisor phone numbers and client account information were linked to one branch. So when advisors traveled from branch to branch, clients were often unable to get in touch with them. Even when they did, advisors didn’t always have the information required to respond to their needs.

The company needed to solve this issue by finding a network provider with the ability to deliver a single network solution across the Midwest. The firm chose Spectrum Enterprise. What they discovered was a partner who could not only help solve their immediate issue but also help them grow.

Fast and seamless access to network services

High-performance Spectrum Enterprise fiber technology services enable the company to provide clients with a consistent, high-quality experience while improving advisor productivity. Now, clients can reach their advisors much more easily with the Spectrum Enterprise SIP Trunking service, which ensures advisors can receive calls at wherever they’re working on any given day.

And a fiber Ethernet Private Local Area Network (EP-LAN) delivers seamless, enterprise-wide access to files including client account information so advisors can quickly address inquiries and perform day-to-day-tasks at any location. The Fiber Internet Access (FIA) service also provides access to web-based applications like document-management solution DocuSign™ across all branches.

Client service and advisor productivity have also been improved with a high-performance 100 Mbps FIA circuit that enables advisors to execute trades online in less than a second. “With trading, precise timing is critical, and the speed of our network matters for clients,” says the IT director.

New opportunities to drive business

An additional advantage of the new network is its ability to support digital marketing strategies that help the company grow. For instance the high-speed FIA service enables the company to establish fast and reliable live-streaming with media outlets so it can remotely participate in live interviews and weekly podcasts from its in-office radio studio. During these opportunities, the firm advisors answer callers’ financial questions, and this effort has been successful at generating new clients. These activities, plus other digital marketing opportunities provide exposure in target markets.

Technology that produces results

Today, the company is continually adding new clients and is thriving.

While there are a number of factors that have contributed to the company’s success, there’s one in particular that deserves a lot of the credit according to a member of the firm’s leadership team: “None of this would be possible without the technology platform provided by Spectrum Enterprise,” he states.

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Posted by:
Dan Barlow
Product Manager
Cloud Connect and Ethernet

Dan Barlow is the Cloud Connect and Ethernet product manager at Spectrum Enterprise. Previously, he managed all data products in the Midwest sales channels from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. He also was a sales engineer supporting a variety of sales channels, including government/education, healthcare, and small and midsized businesses. Prior to joining Spectrum Enterprise, he worked in IT for a major healthcare organization.

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