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Every year, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health marks November 21 as National Rural Health Day (NRHD). This day honors the “can do” spirit that prevails in rural areas, bringing to light the unique healthcare challenges rural citizens face and showcasing the efforts providers and other stakeholders make to meet those challenges.

The day’s organizers ask those stakeholders to celebrate the day in numerous ways—from answering every phone call with a custom NRHD greeting to wearing event-day swag. They also ask everyone to use the hashtag #PowerOfRural in all social media posts. 

Spectrum Enterprise is joining healthcare providers, technology partners and others in #PowerOfRural conversations on Twitter and LinkedIn. That’s because every day, especially today, Spectrum Enterprise stands with rural healthcare organizations, helping to deliver solutions that improve access to quality healthcare.

I asked my colleagues to share what the power of rural means to them. Here’s what they said:

“To me, the power of rural is listening to healthcare providers share how they face the daily challenges of providing high-quality care to a growing number of patients then providing guidance on how they can get funds to implement the technologies that will improve their care delivery.”

Theresa Dudley, Vertical Program Manager, Healthcare

“Through the availability of numerous resources and opportunities, healthcare is able to serve more clients, provide better outcomes and deliver a more consistent patient experience. Communities that have historically had only a handful of local providers, or needed to travel many miles for specialized providers, now have the opportunity for more options, more progressive healthcare, and better lifestyles because of initiatives with telehealth and harnessing new technologies.”

Cory Sullivan, Major Account Executive

“I am very proud to serve our rural healthcare providers by helping to deliver solutions that can improve the patient experience and bring faster and more resilient Internet to our rural communities.”

Justin Schneller, Strategic Sales Manager

“To me, the power of rural means enabling rural healthcare organizations to serve their communities and connect with organizations that have much-needed resources — so people don’t have to drive hours to get care. It means better care for patients, better outcomes and improved quality of life.”

Ahmed Diallo, Major Account Executive

“The power of rural is about people! I work closely with rural providers to understand their needs and deliver solutions that impact the patient experience.”

Kelly Surges, Major Account Executive

“I was born in rural Cambodia, and now I live in North Carolina. That’s helped me see that rural areas everywhere face similar challenges such as struggles with chronic disease and lack of access to healthcare.

“That's why National Rural Health Day and the message behind it is near and dear to me. It’s why I'm helping Spectrum Enterprise create awareness about how connectivity can help rural healthcare providers bring high-quality, specialized care to their citizens.

“I salute rural health champions -- all day, and every day, especially on November 21.”

Saaum Chim, Marketing Manager

I ask you to join my colleagues and me in supporting National Rural Health Day. You can share your support via social media using the hashtag #PowerOfRural in posts, or follow Spectrum Enterprise on Twitter to join the conversation about technology partners that make healthcare more accessible to rural America.


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Cliff Dinwiddie

Sr. Director, Vertical Marketing & Programs​


Cliff brings 25 years of increasingly impactful technology leadership experience to his role as Sr. Director, Vertical Programs, at Spectrum Enterprise. He is responsible for strategic program management supporting Federal, State & Local Government, K-12 & Higher Education, Healthcare, and Hospitality verticals.

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