Technology Gives Bluewater the Edge in a Competitive Vacation Rental Market





Bluewater Vacation Rentals handles 350,000 guests a year on North Carolina’s “Crystal Coast.” Maintaining this premier position depends on providing quick responses and cutting-edge guest services, including Wi-Fi and HDTV. The performance and reliability of Bluewater’s solution from Spectrum Enterprise makes all the difference—especially during hurricanes.

Connecting a diverse and demanding enterprise

High-performance and highly reliable services connect Bluewater’s seven locations so agents, the reservation call center, housekeeping and maintenance crews, the laundry and pool/spa and insurance division can all work together to provide an excellent guest experience. It’s also easy for Bluewater to grow and add new offices to their network. Can insights from Bluewater’s partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own success?

Bluewater is a client since 2007.

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