Fiber Connectivity Amplifies a College’s Global Presence and Innovation



“Internet and cloud services have become crucial… Spectrum Enterprise provides reliable service at a good price.”

                        – Shane Wilson, Senior Systems and Networks Coordinator, Centre College



Founded in 1819, Kentucky’s Centre College is a prestigious liberal arts college with a top-ranked study-abroad program. The school relies on web conferencing to connect students worldwide with on-campus classrooms in real-time and all students’ research and scholarship opportunities. IT infrastructure must also support campus events like nationally televised debates, while dorm residents expect BYOD connectivity for “home quality” entertainment. 

The agility to scale up bandwidth—and innovation

With 1 Gigabit Fiber Internet Access (FIA), Spectrum Enterprise meets today’s needs while providing the capacity and reliability for the college to evolve into the cloud and 4K video. Can insights from Centre College’s partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own success?

Centre College is a client since 2011.


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