Fiber Helps the City of Cayce Meet the Evolving Needs of Both Citizens and Employees






Like many local governments, the City of Cayce has seen its workforce outgrow its City Hall building. As more employees were assigned to off-site facilities, the city was challenged to provide them with Internet and e-mail and to make it possible for remote workers to interact with shared files and folders as if they were on-site at the fiber-enabled City Hall campus.

More affordable and more secure

Spectrum Enterprise partnered with the city to reduce the cost of having people work at remote sites by using Fiber Internet Access service and an Ethernet Private Line (EPL) point-to-point solution, plus fiber PRI voice service. The security of using a private line also eliminated concerns about employees using personal Internet and e-mail to conduct official city business.

From giving repair crews fast access to city maps, to letting managers share files and folders, to providing news about water main breaks or boil-water alerts, the city’s investment in its Spectrum Enterprise fiber solutions connects its remote workers and improves service to Cayce’s citizens.

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