The City of Cayce improves life for residents—using a smaller workforce than similar cities



"Cayce employees can respond to residents faster with access to resources at City Hall, no matter where they actually are."

                                                – Roger Marini, IT Director, City of CayceClient since 1995




Challenge: Control costs while expanding services to residents

Like many local governments, the City of Cayce, South Carolina, needs its workforce to do more, faster. Having used Spectrum Enterprise fiber technology to meet previous challenges, IT Director Roger Marini once again turned to his Spectrum Enterprise team — this time for solutions to help the City contain labor costs, use cloud resources, streamline work orders so jobs are handled more quickly, comply with FBI and SLED public safety network requirements, and increase police presence in the community.

Solution: Use the city’s high-speed network as a “workforce multiplier”

Cayce increased the speed of its Spectrum Enterprise Ethernet Private Line (EPL) network and doubled the speed of Fiber Internet Access (FIA) circuits connecting each location to the EPL. Now, all locations connect to City Hall via the Internet. Even off-site facilities operate with the same connectivity to cloud-based resources as employees working inside City Hall.

Results: Containing labor costs while increasing services and public safety

The high-speed network enables the City to re-engineer administrative processes for faster response to requests for park maintenance and repairs, business licenses, water hook-ups and other City services. Connecting all locations via the network and Fiber Internet Access reduced the cost of having people work at remote sites. It also eliminated the security concerns of employees using personal Internet and email to conduct official City business from the field. Because police can access the public safety facility on the City Hall campus remotely (rather than having to come in to file reports and pull information), they spend more time in City neighborhoods. Cayce also reduced vandalism in city parks and helped police arrest perpetrators with Internet-based video surveillance cameras.

By linking city locations with each other and with new applications, Cayce delivers stellar service to 12,500 citizens with just 180 city employees—far fewer than in similar-sized cities.

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