Blazing-fast Connectivity Powers
Direct-to-player Video Game Development



“We’re blazing new ground… We wouldn’t be able to do that without really stable and reliable and fast Internet. That’s what TWCBC (TWCBC is now Spectrum Enterprise) has given us.


                                        – Chris Roberts, Chairman and CEO, Cloud Imperium Games



Famed developer Chris Roberts created the video game blockbusters Wing Commander and Freelancer for major publishers. Now, he is developing his newest game—Star Citizen—through his own startup, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG). He is using a disruptive business model that bypasses the time-to-market, costs, and risks of traditional funding and retail development. Instead, CIG takes game investment and development directly to players. Ultra high-speed Internet from Spectrum Enterprise makes it possible.

High-speed connections to the cloud and to gamers

Using 1 Gig Fiber Internet Access circuits, Spectrum Enterprise connects CIG’s Texas and California studios to each other and to the cloud where players chat, invest in the game (generating almost $90 million so far) and share real-time feedback with Roberts and his developers. For the first time in the industry, this business model makes it viable for startups with small audiences to develop movie-quality video games.

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Cloud Imperium Games is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2012.


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