An All-fiber Ethernet Private LAN Helps Crystal Run Healthcare Focus on Achieving Next-level Care and Growth



"That’s the secret sauce—to get everyone talking and communicating with one another. The Time Warner Cable Business Class (Time Warner Cable Business Class is now Spectrum Enterprise) ‘pipes’ [circuits] between our offices allow us to do it."


                                      – Greg Spencer, Chief Medical Information Officer, Crystal Run Healthcare



Crystal Run Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing multi-specialty practices in America. Technology plays a critical role in sustaining the practice’s fast-paced growth, Joint-Commission accreditation and its transition to a fee-for-value healthcare model. Chief Medical Information Officer Greg Spencer and IT Director Miguel Hernandez see Spectrum Enterprise as a strategic partner supporting their success.

Even the smallest offices have full access to data, systems and security.

Spectrum Enterprise provides a fiber-optic Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) with any-to-any connectivity among all 30 Crystal Run locations. Fiber Internet Access provides the symmetrical high-bandwidth to carry everything from billing information to Electronic Medical Records. It even saves Crystal Run office space expenses by supporting 50 administrative employees who work from home, but handle appointments and refill requests and route calls as if they were in the office. With Spectrum Enterprise’s “one network” solution, Crystal Run is using connectivity and analytics to become even more proactive in providing better care, better health and lower cost.

Can insights from Crystal Run Healthcare’s partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own success?

Crystal Run Healthcare is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2009.


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