Fiber Provides Security and Stability for Virtual Bank Branches

Catskill Hudson Bank has grown from a community bank serving Sullivan County, NY into a business-banking powerhouse with clients across five counties and the ability to put branches anywhere—including virtual branches inside client locations. This growth is supported the multi-layered solution Spectrum Enterprise helped the bank implement.

Deploying services 10X faster than other banks

Today, fiber links the entire enterprise, carrying 30 times more data than the previous network. Leveraging the network’s flexibility and bandwidth, the bank can rollout programs quickly. In fact, a massive client-service feature deployed in under 30 days. The security of the ELAN and the bank’s additional safeguards contribute to high levels of network quality and reliability that have earned the bank flawless scores on audits and reviews—and highly satisfied clients.

Can insights from Catskill Hudson Bank’s partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own success?



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