Turning “No Limit” Scalability into Legendary Client Service



“TWCBC (TWCBC is now Spectrum Enterprise) committed to bringing that last mile of fiber into all our locations. That was huge for us.”

                                                                                             – Mike Quinn, Co-owner and CIO



Frustrated with the “telco model” of high T1 costs and poor performance that limited the company’s ability to tap Internet-based business solutions, FrontRoom Furnishings wanted fiber. After analyzing potential providers in terms of rollout, timeline, speeds and cost, FrontRoom’s IT team determined that Spectrum Enterprise came out number one on all.

A network solution prized for its “total scalability”

Spectrum Enterprise linked FrontRoom’s multiple retail and operations locations with an Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPL) and provided connectivity via a50 Mbps Fiber Internet Access (FIA) circuit. Today, nearly 100% of FrontRoom’s devices run off this solution, supporting rapid expansion, business-changing capabilities such as GPS-based routing and cloud-based tools, plus legendary client service in the stores, during delivery and beyond.

Can insights from FrontRoom’s partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own success?

FrontRoom Furnishings is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2012.


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