Fiber Technology Helps Green Dot Public Schools Transform Schools—and Students’ Lives



"If you go into Locke High School in Watts—one of the toughest, most socioeconomically challenged communities in LA—you see a modernized campus with an amazing Internet connection. You feel like you’re at UCLA. It’s that type of environment we’re looking to provide and Spectrum Enterprise has been able to do that."

- Jose Jauregui 



As a prominent charter school management organization, Green Dot Public Schools relies on technology to help ensure that students in low-income communities have access to the same resources and learning experiences available in more affluent communities. That’s why Green Dot schools have become hungry for bandwidth in a way that didn’t exist even two years ago.

Pairing excellent teaching with advanced technology

Spectrum Enterprise has played a key role, delivering a high-performance Ethernet Wide Area Network (EWAN) that connects Green Dot’s 21 Los Angeles schools and helps teachers engage with students to close achievement gaps. In addition to the bandwidth to support multiple access points in each classroom, plus a profusion of mobile devices, Spectrum Enterprise also provides reliable connectivity which is vital as even a 5-minute outage can throw off an entire lesson plan.

As an E-rate-eligible Telecommunications Provider (ETP), Spectrum Enterprise also understands the E-rate funding process and has used this expertise to help make Green Dot’s rich learning environment affordable.

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Green Dot Public Schools is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2010.


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