Spectrum Enterprise Partners with Hilton Palm Springs to Raise the Bar on Hospitality



Nestled at the foot of the spectacular San Jacinto Mountains in one of Southern California’s most iconic cities, the Hilton Palm Springs Hotel caters to vacationers looking for a peaceful and luxurious getaway and to business people who come to town for meetings and conventions.

“The market in the desert is very unique,” said Aftab Dada, General Manager of the hotel in downtown Palm Springs. “On the weekends, 60 to 70 percent of our business comes from the surrounding regions of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside counties. Midweek that mix changes, with conventions coming in from all over the country.

”Leisure travelers want reliable, high-definition television that they can watch between trips to the golf course or the tennis courts. When business travelers attending large conventions stay at the hotel, the Hilton Palm Springs needs reliable bandwidth and phone service to accommodate the needs of its guests.




"TWCBC (TWCBC is now Spectrum Enterprise) has offered off the chart, absolutely phenomenal great service, and is quick to meet our needs."





To satisfy these diverse requirements, the hotel partners with Spectrum Enterprise for Fiber Internet Access, Enterprise TV Services, and PRI (Primary Rate Interface) voice services, over a wholly-owned, fiber network. The relationship between Spectrum Enterprise and the Hilton Palm Springs began 23 years ago when the hotel was an analog cable TV client. As Spectrum Enterprise began offering additional services to hospitality clients, the Hilton Palm Springs was one of the first clients to make the switch.

“Spectrum Enterprise had always been our choice of cable TV provider. We knew when the local provider (of Internet services) went out of business, we were off the hook. We could have chosen Verizon or AT&T, but we chose Spectrum Enterprise knowing they are a team player.”



With the help from his locally-based Spectrum Enterprise sales and support teams, Dada upgraded to 10 Mbps Fiber Internet Access fiber service from Spectrum Enterprise within 36 hours. Fiber Internet Access provides the hotel with a continuously protected link between their Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) and the Internet.

When Dada needs extra bandwidth for major conventions at the hotel, all he has to do is pick up the phone and speak to Eric Scott, his local sales support contact, who recently arranged increased bandwidth from 10 Mbps to 60 Mbps. This upgrade was made possible as a result of Spectrum Enterprise network’s flexibility and scalability. “All it took for me was one phone call and Eric took care of it,” Dada said.

As part of a property improvement plan, the Hilton Palm Springs recently completed a $13 million renovation that included a modern fitness center, spa and spacious guest rooms with views of the stunning desert surroundings.

Dada chose to upgrade to Enterprise TV Services from Spectrum Enterprise for the hotel’s 265 guest rooms. “TV is a major, major, major part of our service. People spend 6-8 hours in the room, and TV plays a major role.” Spectrum Enterprise also provides video services in the fitness center, restaurants, bars and common areas.

Spectrum Enterprise’s HD TV Services technology provides the hotel with an extensive HD channel lineup, encryption, options for free on-demand, parental controls, interactive program guide and reliability in inclement weather conditions.

“The relationship (with Spectrum Enterprise) has been very, very strong,” Dada said, unlike his experience with AT&T and Verizon.

For Dada, the accessibility of Spectrum Enterprise sales and support teams is unparalleled. Spectrum Enterprise is a member of the Palm Springs Hospitality Association, comprised of more than 150 members from hotels, resorts, attractions and other businesses.

“No other carriers of Internet cable or long-distance are members of our association,” he said of the group, which holds monthly meetings. “Eric is always present there and that helps big time. That really differentiates Spectrum Enterprise from other providers. Our members not only get to see the representatives of Spectrum Enterprise, but we also are able to ask them questions right on the spot.”

“The biggest plus is that we hardly have any down time in service and that helps immensely.” Dada says Spectrum Enterprise is quick to meet his needs and has offered “off the chart, absolutely phenomenal great service.” The 23 years of partnership with Spectrum Enterprise has contributed to the Hilton Palm Spring’s reputation for exceeding guests’ needs and expectations in every way.

Going forward, the partnership will continue to grow. “Any additional products that Spectrum Enterprise brings into the market, absolutely we will entertain it,” Dada said. “We will remain very good partners.”



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