HDTV and Fiber Network Services Help Hospice Buffalo Make Patients and Families Feel More at Home



"I’ve been using Time Warner (Time Warner is now Spectrum Enterprise) for years [and] had nothing but good luck with them... I don’t think we’ve ever encountered any downtime with them."

                                      – Joseph Gunnells, IT Technical Manager, Hospice Buffalo



For patients facing end-of-life illness, Hospice Buffalo does everything possible to create a home-like environment for them and their families. Providing high-quality Enterprise TV Services and fast, reliable Internet is vital in carrying out this mission. That’s why IT Technical Manager Joseph Gunnells relies on Spectrum Enterprise.

Keeping the entire campus operating 24/7/365

To connect buildings across Hospice Buffalo’s campus, Spectrum Enterprise provides a fiber-optic Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN). Fiber Internet Access supports Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), administrative functions and public WiFi to keep families connected to work while staying with loved ones. Spectrum Enterprise’s HD TV Services provides crystal-clear sound and picture quality plus custom content that patients value and staff use as part of music and relaxation therapy. With Enterprise TV Services and the Internet playing a major role in the hospice, Spectrum Enterprise's fiber solution provides critical reliability. “Even through our big storm,” Gunnells notes, “everything was up 100 percent.”

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Hospice Buffalo is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2008.


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