Fiber Accelerates Success for Innovative Test Solutions and its Clients’ Goals





The Innovative Test Solutions (ITS) engineering lab meets tight “go to market” timelines in testing products for its clients. Unfortunately, employees were spending 30% of their time emailing clients their testing results. Cutbacks in clients’ travel budgets also made it harder for product engineers to work side by side with ITS testing engineers. ITS Vice President Scott Briody asked Spectrum Enterprise to find a solution for raising staff efficiency and client satisfaction.

Real-time connectivity lets clients fully leverage the ITS experience

Today, Fiber Internet Access streams ITS test data around the clock. Clients throughout the world enjoy “self serve” access to test results and can even watch actual testing in real time without having to travel to the lab. Plus, by pairing fiber’s speed and bandwidth with its own advanced engineering technology, ITS routinely runs complex tests other testing labs can’t.

Can insights from Innovative Test Solutions’ partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own success?

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Innovative Test Solutions (ITS) is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2012.


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