Mirazon Uses Fiber Internet Access to Sharpen Business Agility and Profitability




" It’s a great win for us to use our Time Warner Cable Business Class (Time Warner Cable Business Class is now Spectrum Enterprise) fiber service to provide clients with reliability and uptime that once only the largest companies could afford. It makes us and our clients more competitive."

                                                                                   – Craig Stein, Partner and Solutions Architect, Mirazon






In designing, building and maintaining optimized IT solutions for a wide range of US and international clients, Mirazon uses Fiber Internet technology to create ahead-of-the-curve solutions for virtualization, storage, back up, training and CIO outsourcing.

Getting an Edge on Other IT Consultants

Spectrum Enterprise is a key blade in Mirazon’s “Swiss army knife of solutions,” giving the company’s top-caliber system architects and engineers the bandwidth and agility to move beyond simply maintaining a few products for clients. Instead, Mirazon is rapidly expanding what it can offer, including licensing and antivirus protection, virtualization and Cloud-based applications. The affordability of fiber has also enabled Mirazon to expand its base to include an exceptionally wide range of clients, large and small.

The speed and reliability of the Spectrum Enterprise solution enables Mirazon to work with all of its clients in all-new ways getting an edge on other IT consultants thanks to superior abilities to collaborate, video conference, eliminate single points of failures, and even fix clients’ IT problems remotely in minutes.

Can insights from Mirazon’s partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own business success story?



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