Fiber Helps MMC Corp Manage Offices and Job Sites Nationwide



“I’m more comfortable with our data going across [the TWCBC (TWCBC is now Spectrum Enterprise) private network] than… open Internet. It adds more confidence in our security.”

 – Jim Scales, IT Director, MMC Corp




With offices from New Jersey to Las Vegas, MMC Corp’s eight divisions handle everything from HVAC installation to general contracting, while operating 20-60 construction sites at any given time. The company wanted its data and communications to flow across one network—without the high cost of MPLS. With fiber, Spectrum Enterprise was able to meet that need with reliable connectivity and security plus scalability MPLS doesn’t provide.

Creating an IT platform that scales to support rapid expansion

MMC Corp’s Ethernet Private LAN uses the Spectrum Enterprise private network to link all locations to the data center. High bandwidth gives all 1,200 employees efficient and secure access to resources. MMC Corp also enjoys the agility to add and remove locations on the network as job sites change. Plus, without adding infrastructure, MMC Corp can seize new opportunities, such as virtual desktops and Virtual Data Image (VDI) files.

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MMC Corp is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2011.


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