OhioHealth Links Diverse Facilities to World-Class Services


OhioHealth’s network includes hospitals, clinics and physician practices across central Ohio. This nationally recognized, not-for-profit healthcare organization is using technology not only to connect its diverse facilities, but to share staff expertise and telemedicine resources across its entire network to support physicians and clinicians and improve patient services and care.    


Harnessing New Solutions

Spectrum Enterprise solutions support OhioHealth’s mission with everything from monitoring newborns to saving patients from traveling a hundred miles to see specialists or get critical care. For example, OhioHealth’s Stroke Network is enabled with two-way audio and video streaming to connect a stroke victim with trained stroke neurologists miles away within the critical ‘Golden Hour.’

Fiber Spectrum Enterprise solutions not only provide clinical support but also help OhioHealth streamline financial and administrative functions and leverage cloud-based business functions. The reliability scalability—and responsiveness of the Spectrum Enterprise implementation team—keep pace with OhioHealth’s rapid expansion.

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"How do we get world-class clinical services out into the rural regions, the community hospitals? …certainly, that’s where Time Warner Cable Business Class (Time Warner Cable Business Class is now Spectrum Enterprise) is involved."




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