A large ophthalmology practice cuts overhead—and raises the quality of care



"EMR access is fast, reliable and secure …Callers’ medical and billing issues are now resolved in minutes versus days..."

                                                – Bill Watson, CEO, Tomoka Eye Associates, Client since 2016                                                                  



Challenge: Improve patient care and satisfaction to grow in a competitive market 

Tomoka Eye Associates expected its investment in EMR software to accelerate reimbursement and improve staff interaction with the practice’s 100,000 patients. Unfortunately, slow connectivity between different practice locations caused a bottleneck that derailed the expected value.

Meanwhile, unreliable VoIP service put a competitive asset at risk: Tomoka’s call center. Most of the practice's patients are seniors who appreciate talking with live operators who can answer questions and start over-the-phone triage for eye problems. Frequent outages of the hosted VoIP solution impeded operators’ ability to handle the high volume of incoming calls, and the lack of call center features (like call recording and search capability) prevented them from efficiently addressing patients’ billing questions.

Solution: Fiber accelerates workflow and creates patient-centric offices

Spectrum Enterprise replaced Tomoka’s T1s with an Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) to link practice locations with each other, and Fiber Internet Access (FIA) to accelerate Web-based business processes. Hosted Voice service was also implemented for the call center to improve reliability and the staff’s responsiveness to patients.

Results: A double win for the practice and for patients

The Ethernet network speeds data between locations so doctors can quickly check EMRs and add notes, freeing up more time to engage with patients. And the billing staff sees a positive impact on cashflow: instead of an hour, it now takes minutes to pull files and determine reimbursement codes.

With Hosted Voice, call center staff now reliably handle 7,000 to 8,000 calls a month—a key factor in seeing patient visits increase five to seven percent per year despite intense competition. Callers’ medical and billing issues are resolved in minutes versus days, thanks to Hosted Voice call center tools such as call search and the ability to see calls that are waiting in real-time. In addition, the Hosted Voice solution saves the practice $40,000 a year compared to the previous hosted VoIP service.

Read the full case study for insights on how Ethernet and Hosted Voice solutions can help your business grow.


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