Orlando City soccer stadium kicks off success with a world-class fan experience



"We wanted world-class voice, data and Internet connectivity for the stadium and our corporate offices. Spectrum Enterprise was the one provider able to give us everything."

      – Robert Parker, Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, Orlando City Soccer Club, Client since 2013




Challenge: Boost fan loyalty—and spending—in a new soccer stadium

After winning a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise, the Orlando City Soccer Club (OCSC) set out to build its home stadium. On game days, the OCSC wanted 25,500 fans to enjoy a thrilling live soccer experience supported by world-class WiFi and video. In addition, the club’s marketing team wanted to leverage high-value digital engagement to keep fans loyal while increasing fan spending.

Improving the club’s business environment was also a high priority, including replacing the old PBX system with phone service that would reduce overhead costs and stop draining Internet bandwidth.

Solution: Managed services enable a next-level IT sports and business environment

The OCSC sought to create its high-engagement digital platform without incurring the costs (and limitations) of maintaining a dedicated in-house IT team. Spectrum Enterprise provided everything the OCSC needed to score all those goals using fully managed solutions for Hosted Voice, Ethernet Private LAN, Managed WiFi and Security. Spectrum Enterprise is now the club’s IT team, managing every aspect of voice and data applications, including network and software upgrades.

Results: Immediate returns—especially on Managed Hosted Voice

Everything now operates smoothly and efficiently, and because Spectrum Enterprise handles routine maintenance and technical support issues, club personnel are free to focus on growing the satisfaction of their fans and the success of their franchise.Cloud-based Hosted Voice, a far more strategic and cost-effective voice solution than the outdated PBX environment, supports 200 phones throughout the stadium, including the corporate offices, guest services, corporate suites and concessions. This provides better protections for both Internet connectivity and the data flowing through the system. Even with 200 phones all in use, WiFi and business applications don’t slow down.

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