A Fiber Network Helps Polaris Automation Control Its Growing Market—and New Security Concerns





When rapid growth prompted Polaris Automation to expand to a new location, the wireless “line of sight” network soon began to produce latency, downtime and communication gaps. In fact, data-sharing ate up so much Internet bandwidth that the company’s IP phones were rendered useless. Polaris needed a better connection—and collaboration—not only between its own employees and locations, but with clients’ locations as well.

Scaling bandwidth to meet evolving security requirements

Spectrum Enterprise implemented a fiber solution that meets Polaris’ new requirements for capacity, scalability and control. The point-to-point Ethernet and Fiber Internet Access service now bring everyone together as if they’re under one roof.

Because Polaris employees remotely take control of clients’ manufacturing operations and business systems, the Spectrum Enterprise solution enables Polaris to meet homeland security requirements by providing the bandwidth needed to support extra layers of authentication, encryption and other safeguards.

Polaris is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2011.

Can insights from Polaris’ partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own business success story?

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