Right-Sizing Internet, Enterprise Voice and Enterprise TV Services Solutions Helps Access: Supports for Living Turn Old Homes Into New Hope






Access: Supports for Living provides more than 10,000 children, adults and families suffering mental health issues and physical disabilities, group homes that are key elements in the care, treatment, housing and vocational opportunities. Many of these residences start as private homes that must be adapted to meet the physical, safety and security requirements of group homes.

Solutions that measure up when service can’t go down

Spectrum Enterprise uses “triple play” solutions to customize the right configuration of Internet, Enterprise Voice and Enterprise TV Services for each home’s number of residents, intensity of monitoring needed, the level of data-intensive diagnostic information to be exchanged, plus the communications aspects of fire protection rules and other health, safety and security requirements.

Given the need to provide 24/7 care and monitoring, the reliability of the Spectrum Enterprise network has become a key asset. In addition, at the client's mental health crisis center, another Spectrum Enterprise customized Internet and Enterprise Voice solution enables staff to locate and leverage resources without delays.

Can insights from  Access: Supports for Livings’ partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own business success story?

Access: Supports for Living is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2003.


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