A Dual-Path Ethernet LAN Gives the San Antonio Kidney Disease Center Connectivity and Control



" The support after the sale has been phenomenal. We’ve added a couple of new locations… and it’s been really easy."


                                                                             – Philip Moya, IT Director, SAKDC                       



The San Antonio Kidney Disease Center (SAKDC) includes 30 physicians and 100 employees working in 15 clinics. Its T1 network was choked with Internet traffic and email plus the patient management system, scheduling and electronic health records (EHRs). Bandwidth, reliability and security had all become major concerns.

Trading T1s for fiber’s speed and scalability

Today, a fiber network from Spectrum Enterprise forms the backbone of SAKDC’s Ethernet Private LAN. Now, no matter how many people are using the system, doctors at every location can access EHRs efficiently. Dual-path configuration eliminates single points of failure and the IT team has complete network control to “turn up” bandwidth, fix router issues and program dynamic failovers.

The Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) is instrumental in supporting HIPAA privacy and security compliance. Its scalability also supports rapid growth by enabling SAKDC to connect new locations with just a call to the Spectrum Enterprise team.

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San Antonio Kidney Disease Center has been a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2013.


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