SNAP Interactive Finds the Right Match for Greater Control and Lower Costs





Today, more than 30 million people use SNAP Interactive’s social media dating applications. SNAP started out managing its servers in-house, but rapid growth prompted the company to lease servers with a hosting provider. Eventually, slow response time on outages plus six-figure monthly costs prompted SNAP to take back control, buying servers and switching to a colocation data center. By 2015, however, high and rising costs prompted SNAP to seek a different data center provider. With Spectrum Enterprise’s Navisite (Navisite is an affiliate of Spectrum Enterprise), SNAP found its perfect match.

Cutting data center cost and control risks

Spectrum Enterprise’s Navisite solution offered SNAP valuable new control and flexibility that wouldn’t be available with leasing or in a less client-centric colocation environment. Another key advantage is the seamless integration with Spectrum Enterprise Fiber Internet Access and other Enterprise Voice and Enterprise TV Services solutions.

The move to Spectrum Enterprise”s Navisite colocation has cut SNAP’s data center costs by 50%. In addition, Spectrum Enterprise’s Navisite safeguards—including alternate power providers and a PCI-compliant environment—have helped SNAP reduce security and outage risks.

Can insights from SNAP’s partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own success?

SNAP Interactive is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2015.

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