Fiber Gives Stealth Monitoring Real-time Power to Deter Crime and Improve Productivity





Stealth Monitoring uses remote, real-time video surveillance to intervene and help keep crimes from occurring at hundreds of client locations nationwide. This uniquely proactive solution relies on fast, high-quality and reliable video feeds from 6,000 cameras 24/7/365. That’s why, since 2011, Stealth Monitoring president, David Charney has seen his partnership with Spectrum Enterprise as mission critical.

Using network uptime as a powerful crime-fighting tool

Today, a 1 Gbps Fiber Internet Access solution includes geographically diverse core uplinks into the Spectrum Enterprise fiber network so even if a catastrophic event takes one path down, real-time video surveillance continues on the other. Fiber’s speed is also critical in maintaining high service levels to have real-time information. It even gives Stealth Monitoring an extra competitive edge by allowing the company to create unique database solutions for clients that ride on the existing network bandwidth from Spectrum Enterprise.

Can insights from Stealth Monitoring’s partnership with Spectrum Enterprise enhance your own success?

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Stealth Monitoring is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2011.


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