Central Michigan University satisfies rising student expectations for anytime, anywhere access to video programming

"Spectrum Enterprise places a lot of value on providing a good experience — the team has always been very responsive." —

Kole Taylor, IT manager for communications and enablement at Central Michigan University    

In 2018, Central Michigan University (CMU) was looking for a way to meet student’s evolving entertainment preferences and expectations. Hard-wired dorm room cable TV service addressed student needs when TVs were the preferred way to watch, but today’s students want to stream content on their phones, tablets and laptops from anywhere on campus. The university turned to long-time technology partner Spectrum Enterprise to explore its options.

Tapping into video trends with SpectrumU

Spectrum Enterprise introduced CMU to SpectrumU, a streaming video service that allows students to watch live TV and up to 40,000 on-demand shows and movies anywhere on campus using the devices of their choice. SpectrumU, which can run over an existing campus network, has no head-end, caching or transcoding equipment to power, cool or maintain. Reliability is another plus: the service uses proven video streaming technology that’s not subject to interference or weather-related disruptions.

Redefining the on-campus entertainment experience

CMU launched SpectrumU in November 2018. After the service was live, the school’s IT manager partnered with the University Office of Residence Life to get the word out via social media channels, the student newsletter and resident assistants in the dorms. Incoming students and their parents were also briefed on the service during campus orientation.

The response to the service has been overwhelmingly positive, with students happy about how easy it is to use – and the IT department impressed with its dependability. To date there have been no service issues, with the exception of a student who didn’t have his phone’s WiFi turned on. If an issue does arise, the University has a direct line into the Spectrum Enterprise support team.

By enabling CMU to take a traditional service and modernize it for what students expect today, SpectrumU is helping CMU redefine on-campus entertainment for a new generation of students.

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