Technology Conservation Group creates a unified presence with Hosted Voice



“Our system was getting too old to do what we needed to do and was very expensive to keep. It was time to think about what we should do in the future.”—

Cathy Mehrl, Global IT Manager, Technology Conservation Group



Challenge: An outdated, costly phone system prevented the company from acting as a single enterprise

In 2017, Cathy Mehrl, Global IT Manager at electronics recycler Technology Conservation Group (TCG), noted that the company’s existing cable data contract was coming to an end, and that its on-premises servers were reaching end-of-life. This prompted a project to upgrade TCG’s network connection to fiber and move key applications and data to the cloud. The upgrades also provided an opportunity to replace an older PBX phone system, which no longer met the company’s needs.

TCG has eight locations in North America along with an administrative support location in India. The sites were individually served by older, standalone PBX systems. This meant that from a communications standpoint, each site was isolated as if it were a separate business: customers had no single number to call and employees could not dial an extension to reach a colleague in another location. Calls that came into corporate headquarters after hours — a commonplace occurrence— went straight to voicemail. In addition, the main business office is located in a hurricane-prone area, which put data, systems and the ability to communicate with clients and colleagues at risk.

Solution: A flexible, cloud-based voice solution

TCG replaced its PBX systems with a Hosted Voice solution from Spectrum Enterprise. The solution enables employees at all eight TCG offices to communicate seamlessly with each other, and ensures that clients can reach the company at any time day or night by enabling calls to be automatically routed to an open location. Voice traffic travels across a dedicated Spectrum Enterprise network that does not compete with data traffic for bandwidth, and Unified Communications “soft phone” capabilities provide seamless backup, ensuring calls can continue to be made and received in the event of an outage.

TCG also upgraded its IT infrastructure with Spectrum Enterprise Fiber Internet Access service in addition to NaviCloud Director, which enabled the company to move its key applications and data off-site.

Results: A better client experience and improved productivity

Breaking down communications silos and moving to one fully integrated phone system means TCG can now deliver the service expected of a global company. It has also enhanced productivity by ensuring that employees across different locations can seamlessly communicate with each other. And, moving to a cloud-based model for both voice and data services ensures TCG can continue servicing clients when the unexpected happens.

Thanks to the scalability of its Spectrum Enterprise solutions, TCG can grow its business and be assured that its IT infrastructure can easily accommodate its changing needs.

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