Fiber Internet Access Supports High-Speed Growth for Vaspian


Vaspian combines application development expertise with the flexibility, speed and reliability of its network to provide hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions for small businesses. Because the company’s success rides on the quality of its Internet connectivity, Vaspian relies on Fiber Internet Access service from Spectrum Enterprise.





Using network reliability to edge out competitors

Now running at 200 Mbps, the Fiber Internet Access circuit sharpens Vaspian’s advantage over the many other companies that also offer VoIP and hosted solutions, but use inferior Internet connections that result in dropped calls and poor-quality faxes. Instead, Vaspian sets the bar high for reliability and quality.

Access to Spectrum Enterprise’s locally based engineering expertise also enhances Vaspian’s agility in configuring circuits and providing small businesses with innovative, customized solutions. This has supported Vaspian’s strategic focus on vertical markets while the widespread availability of a fiber network continues to support Vaspian’s rapid growth and national expansion.


Vaspian is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2010.


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