How a Fiber “Freeway” Keeps Sales Rolling for Wheel Warehouse


With its 7,000-square-foot “Disneyland for wheels” showroom, Wheel Warehouse has succeeded by delivering an outstanding shopping experience. Moving to the next level meant replicating that experience online to connect with a national and international audience. Doing it required an Internet where Wheel Warehouse wouldn’t have to worry about getting bogged down or boxed in on functionality.



“I’ve got faster uploads, better phones, better service—and I’m not paying any more.”            

                                                                                                – Mike Yablonka, Co-owner, Wheel Warehouse



Ramping up an online showroom

Spectrum Enterprise used its fiber network as the basis for a turnkey solution that uses Fiber Internet Access to alleviate the company’s bandwidth bottleneck, plus PRI voice channels that even let sales associates answer calls from home as if they’re right in the showroom.

Without raising technology costs, Spectrum Enterprise delivered voice and data capabilities Wheel Warehouse didn’t even know were available. In addition, fast upload speeds make it easy to optimize the company’s presence on social media. Spectrum Enterprise’s client support is also an asset. For example, while an overnight fire had everyone else in the building without phones for a week, Spectrum Enterprise had the Wheel Warehouse phone system back up by 6:30 am.

Wheel Warehouse is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2012.



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