Richard Harman

Richard Harman

Manager, Enterprise Security Operations
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The business of security is far less about tools and technology than about people, culture, and leadership


Richard Harman manages a team of advanced security analysts who respond to high-profile data security events that directly affect Spectrum Enterprise clients. The team facilitates remediation through both technical solutions and client education. Additionally, Richard’s team researches and prioritizes Spectrum Enterprise's response to botnets and security vulnerabilities, working to design, execute and manage campaigns to reduce risk to both clients and the Spectrum Enterprise network and brand.

Richard has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the U.K., and master’s degree from the University of Surrey in the U.K. He is a Certified Information Security Manager and a member of the ISACA Academic Relations Committee in Texas, and he regularly takes part in industry organizations and meetings on client-facing cybersecurity issues in North America and Europe.

Richard lives in Austin, TX.

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