Network Needs in State and Local Government


Government agencies are re-evaluating their networks based on existing and anticipated challenges to their enterprise infrastructure. To learn what is driving these re-evaluations and the subsequent setting of network priorities, the Center for Digital Government conducted a survey of 318 state and local government IT employees.

The study found that agencies are responding to demands on their networks from several primary areas, including cloud adoption and security. Read the report to learn how respondents plan to address network strains as new technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), continue to emerge. For one thing, the survey found that proactive agencies evaluate their networks every two years or less. Does this schedule line up with your agency’s practice?

Most network planners in government have yet to accommodate the potential impact of increased data entry points on their networks—think IoT sensors and “smart” devices—especially the security threat. Case in point, while respondents identified network security as a critical concern, few of them feel their networks and systems are extremely safe from security breaches.

Don’t let technology advances overwhelm your agency’s effectiveness. This report will help you set network priorities to ensure your infrastructure doesn’t fall short of meeting business needs and user expectations as new technologies emerge.



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