Ensuring Business Continuity with Last Mile Diversity & Redundancy

Is Your Network Ready to Deliver on Business Continuity?

Network failures are surprisingly common and costly. More than one in three businesses experience an outage severe enough to require disaster recovery.1 When the network goes down, companies lose revenue—an average of $140,000 per incident.2

Understanding the critical role of network connectivity and always-available Internet access for their business, savvy firms utilize redundant connections from multiple service providers. However, despite the good intentions, their connectivity may still be at risk. That is because many service providers use leased infrastructure from the same incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC). When the ILEC network fails, so do the services of alternative providers utilizing the same network.

Learn how last-mile network diversity and redundancy can support business continuity.


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Evolve IP 2015 Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Survey
2 Avaya Network Downtime Survey, March 2014


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