The New Test for K-12 Education: Accelerating Broadband Access


Is Your School Making the Grade on Network Bandwidth?

Education leaders understand that to prepare students to excel in a knowledge-driven and networked economy, schools must improve the performance of their own networks. According to a recent analysists, 8 out of 10 of K-12 schools are not meeting current goals for Internet bandwidth and 6 in 10 percent do not have enough WAN bandwidth.1 Because K-12 bandwidth demand is growing at more than 50 percent per year, schools without a roadmap for network upgrades are at risk of falling further behind.2

Find out how innovative K-12 schools are boosting network capacity to support essential education applications, including 1:1 computing and BYOD, digital content and curriculum, online learning and assessment, as well as learning management systems, social media and cloud services.

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1 “Connecting America’s Students: Opportunities for Action. An Analysis of E-rate Spending Offers Key Insights for Expanding Educational Opportunity,” EducationSuperHighway, April 2014
2 “Bringing Everyone Up to Speed: Analysis of Costs to Upgrade and Maintain WAN and Internet Access Connections for all K-12,” EducationSuperHighway, October 2014  



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