Securing the New Network: How Managed Security Reduces the Cost and Complexity of Protection from Cyber Attacks


The benefits of anywhere, any-device access for essential business applications is one of several factors creating a more complex security environment that is increasingly vulnerable to hacker attack. It is therefore hardly surprising that information technology (IT) professionals rank security as their number-one priority for 2015.1

Cybersecurity is particularly challenging because the volume and variety of threats are evolving rapidly. Unless security is an organization’s core competency, cost-effectively staying ahead of the threat curve is a problematic proposition for most in-house IT teams. As a result, more than half of businesses now outsource at least one of their IT security solutions.2 
With this approach companies are able to:

  • Leverage internal IT staff to focus on other strategic projects

  • Gain best-in-class expertise that delivers a 50-to-60-percent increase in efficiency3

  • Reduce recurring in-house IT costs by 30 to 40 percent3

  • To learn more about cybersecurity threats and how to prevent them, please read our interactive white paper Securing the New Network. Plus, the white paper includes links that enable you to calculate your total cost of ownership and savings with a managed security solution and more.

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