Carrier Ethernet Performance Monitoring Portal

When it comes to managing your carrier account, simpler is better. We know your time is valuable, and that's why we created the Carrier Ethernet Performance Monitoring Portal, an easy-to-use tool to help you monitor your circuits.

With the Performance Monitoring Portal, you can view your Spectrum Enterprise Carrier Ethernet circuits in one place - virtually any time, anywhere. The Performance Monitoring Portal gives you visibility into the network with performance metrics and the ability to create custom reports for all of your Class of Service enabled circuits.

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Carrier Ethernet Performance Monitoring Portal Benefits

Leverage Reporting Functions
Utilize standard reports or create custom reports to view performance metrics including:

  • Service Availability

  • Frame Delay Round Trip

  • Frame Delay Variation

  • Frame Loss Ratio

  • Utilization

Streamline Communications
The self-managed portal gives you a snapshot and detailed view of your Class of Service enabled circuits in near real-time, 24/7

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