Scalable, reliable paths to the entire internet

Wholesale IP enables service providers and their clients to access the full Internet route with dedicated fiber or port only connections.

Wholesale IP transit with direct access to spectrum enterprise broadband users

Providing one of the largest broadband IP networks, IP Transit from Spectrum Enterprise offers service providers direct access to high-speed broadband users without another reseller network in the middle. Our state-of-the-art national fiber-optic network transports multiple terabytes of data with industry-leading performance in latency, packet loss and jitter.

Wholesale fiber internet access

Connect to our service in or outside of your existing footprint to deliver a scalable continuous link between your client’s local area network (LAN) and the Internet. With scalable bandwidth options, your clients receive the bandwidth that matches their specific business requirements, backed by high performance network availability.

Reliable, fiber-delivered IP

A Wholesale IP connection to the Spectrum Enterprise Internet Backbone offers service providers a reliable, high-performance route to the internet.