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Powerful E-rate solutions with local support fuel student success

Green Dot Public Schools (Green Dot) in Los Angeles excels at helping students turn adversity into success. It operates both startup and “turnaround” charter schools that set the bar for transformation in education. Green Dot is the only charter organization in the country to lead a school turnaround—marked by dramatically improved student outcomes—of more than 3,000 students. With graduation and college-going rates soaring high above neighboring schools, Green Dot attributes much of its charter high school success to its powerful technology partnership.

Full Case Study: Fiber Technology Helps Green Dot Public Schools Transform Schools—and Students’ Lives

Skyrocketing bandwidth demands mean that Green Dot needs to ensure fast, reliable sharing of digital resources within and between schools. High-quality fiber access points throughout schools support online testing and classroom collaboration, and empower students to become fluent with technology. Teachers need reliable networks with minimal disruptions to ensure effective classroom instruction, and to close achievement gaps.

Another key requirement for Green Dot: a technology partner that understands it’s unique challenges. Green Dot administrators need to keep the focus on classroom innovation while simultaneously navigating the complex E-rate funding program. A trusted partner and reliable product and account support enable Green Dot to confidently pursue maximum funding.

None of these online resources would be possible if we didn’t have E-rate. Having Spectrum Enterprise as a partner who understands how to navigate that system has been vital to our success.
— José Jauregui

That’s why Green Dot chose Spectrum Enterprise. Green Dot credits Spectrum Enterprise solutions—including local, dedicated product and account support and E-rate expertise—with helping ensure more than 11,000 students graduate from high school each year prepared for college, leadership, and life.

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Fiber E-rate- and CIPA-Compliant Education Solutions
Deliver high-performance digital education solutions over an advanced fiber network. Our comprehensive E-rate- and CIPA-compliant solutions are backed by industry-leading service-level agreements for performance and uptime. Learn more about our E-rate-eligible solutions.

Effective February 2016, the new 498 ID (aka Service Provider Identification Number, or SPIN) for Spectrum Enterprise, LLC will change to 143048275.  This nationwide change will streamline government funded operations and make the process easier for clients and the Universal Services Administration Company (USAC).


Powerful, simplified, intelligent: E-rate solutions

Established E-rate experience thousands of schools strong

Benefit from our many years of experience delivering state of the art broadband products to thousands of schools through the E-rate program—and focus on what you’re best at: making students successful.

Simplified E-rate guidance and local account support

Our local, dedicated Education Account Executives are up to date on the latest FCC rules applicable to E-rate service providers —and we are always ready to help with product and account management support.



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