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Dedicated fiber connectivity powers smart, technology-rich learning

Wylie Independent School District (Wylie ISD) in Texas wants to ensure its students and educators are thriving in an increasingly digital age. Like many school districts, it strives to provide smart, technology-rich learning experiences on a lean budget. Wylie ISD serves over 13,000 students, and qualifies to offset some of its K-12 education technology and education solutions costs through the E-Rate funding program.

With classrooms steadily moving to “blended” or cloud-rich learning, Wylie ISD chose to roll out a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program for K-12 education. BYOD lets students bring their own electronic devices to school to access web-based learning apps. Using personal tablets, laptops, and smartphones, students can access course content, read books, take quizzes and tests, post and share work, and collaborate. 

In our case, [Fiber Internet Access] actually solved a problem … it gives students a richer learning experience because of the things they have access to.
— Chris Lamb, CIO, Wylie Independent School District

Although cost effective, BYOD also drives a need for dynamic bandwidth capacity. A successful BYOD initiative requires an ability to scale capacity on demand. And access to apps needs to be extremely fast and reliable.

The solution? Wylie ISD credits Fiber Internet Access and expert product and service support from Spectrum Enterprise. The school district says switching to Fiber Internet Access was easy, and it now has confidence it can meet growing bandwidth needs year after year. Now Wylie ISD teachers and students are busy getting the most out of Google Apps™ for Education and other powerful digital classroom tools and education technology.

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Full Case Study:
 Dedicated Fiber for Wylie ISD Enables Collaborative Teaching Apps and BYOD for K-12 Students


School districts succeed with dedicated fiber solutions

Fastdistricts succeed with dedicated fiber sonnectivity

Give students and educators reliable, fast access to learning resources on a powerful fiber network infrastructure. Our scalable solutions are BYOD-friendly: They scale to meet your growing bandwidth demands today and tomorrow.

Powerful blended learning experiences

Boost student and teacher success with technology-empowered 21st century digital classrooms. Cloud-rich education technology prepares students for the future and fosters collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills.

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Choose from Category 1 and Category 2 E-Rate Education Solutions and receive support from our local dedicated Education Account Executives. We stay current on all FCC rules applicable to E-Rate service providers, and we’re always ready to help.



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