Communications made easy through the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF)

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9,950+ California employees

$7.37 billion state GDP impact*

Spectrum employs 12,000+ military veterans nationwide

*Data courtesy of Oxford Economics, June 2018

Who is eligible to receive the CTF discount?

Generally, CTF applicants must meet the following requirements:

    Schools and School Districts:
  • Public or nonprofit private schools
  • Located in California
  • Providing elementary or secondary education (K - 12)
  • Annual endowments under $50 million
  • Must have active County District School Code Number


  • Located in California
  • Eligible to participate in state-based plans for funds under Title III of the Library Services and Technology Act


    Government Owned and Operated Hospitals & Health Clinics:
  • Located in California
  • Owned and operated by a municipal, county government, or a hospital district
  • Some that do not meet the above “owned and operated” requirement may qualify as a Community Based Organization (see below)


    Community Based Organizations (CBOs):
  • Total revenue does not exceed $5 million, except for 2-1-1 CBOs and Health care CBOs
  • Tax-exempt
  • Directly offer one of the following services to a community at specific geographic locations in California: 2-1-1 Service Provider, Educational Instruction, Health care, Job Training, Job Placement, or a Community Technology program
  • Provides its community access to the internet, except for 2-1-1 CBOs and Health care CBOs
  • Demonstrate that a majority of the board members reside within the state or are members of the community of interest served by the CBO (such as disability)
  • Demonstrate they provide services to the community without charge or at discounted rates

      Subcategory of CBO: Health care CBOs - In addition to the general CBO criteria above, Health care CBOs must:
    • Have annual revenues of less than $50 million
    • Have licensed medical personnel on site providing Health care services
    • Accept medical plan such as Medi-Cal, Medicare, Department of Veteran’s Affair insurance, and/or provides services without charge or at a minimal fee.

        Subcategory of Health care CBO: California Telehealth Network members
      • Must individually qualify by meeting the requirements for Health care CBOs

    California Community Colleges:
  • Must submit an application with current Management Information System code

Empower your infrastructure

Connect your communities to local schools, libraries, healthcare providers, community colleges and service-based organizations through Spectrum Enterprise solutions:

high speed internet

A growing, nationwide fiber network

high speed internet

Network monitoring 24/7/365

high speed internet

Dedicated local teams with extensive experience understanding government needs

high speed internet

End-to-end SLAs

Additional Resources

Call 866-550-6554 to learn about the California Teleconnect Fund.

*Actual discounts for schools and libraries may vary based on application of federal E-rate Program discounts. See Spectrum Enterprise E-rate webpage FAQs for details on how E-rate functions with CTF.

**Once your organization is approved by the CPUC, you are required to notify your service provider before discounts can be applied to your bill. (You will receive your approval notification about CTF funding via email.) You can notify Spectrum Enterprise by e-mailing your account number and CTF application number to receive your discounts

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