Managed WiFi solutions help safeguard government organizations

Government agencies are challenged to provide employees, clients, and visitors with reliable and secure WiFi access across multiple locations and networks. To ensure strong client satisfaction—which is every agency’s goal—connectivity must be speedy, reliable, and easily accessible across mobile devices.

Yet, managing WiFi networks can stress both internal resources and constrained budgets. Strong security measures are required to control the exchange of information among users, devices, applications, and to minimize data breaches. As network quality and performance requirements increase, reliability becomes critical because a single network outage could shut down operations.

To solve these challenges, many organizations are turning to Managed WiFi solutions. Scalable, end-to-end wireless networking solutions help government agencies meet demands while providing speedy and secure connectivity that everyone can depend on.

Spectrum Enterprise offers Managed WiFi and more, allowing organizations to focus on day-to-day operations and ensure secure connectivity—within budget. Service level agreements (SLAs) and 24/7 proactive network monitoring provide continual review and fast response to network events.


Secure, managed WiFi solutions yield smart benefits

All-in-one, efficient, managed WiFi solution

Set up, monitor, and operate network data, Internet, and security services simply and cost effectively with a single provider. Bundled services can boost efficiencies and savings.

Highly secure solutions and services

Safeguard against data compromises, network breaches, and unauthorized system access with Managed Router Services.

Customized and cost-effective technologies

Implement flexible, scalable, cost-effective technologies that adapt to your service goals and satisfy the unique demands of staff, visitors, and employees.

Proactive 24/7 network monitoring and support

Choose a fiber network with local, dedicated Government Account Support Teams and 24/7 monitoring to facilitate fast resolutions when faced with the unforeseen.

Strong service level agreements

Protect your network with strong service level agreements (SLAs). Our SLAs set performance benchmarks for reliability and responsiveness for repair and restoration.