Rural Health Care Program: healthcare providers receive discounted broadband and telecom services from USAC and Spectrum Enterprise

Learn how your healthcare facility can benefit from USAC’s Rural Health Care Program

The Universal Service Administrative Company’s (USAC) Healthcare Connect Fund and Telecommunications Program provides funding to eligible healthcare providers (HCPs) to obtain broadband networks and telecom services that serve rural and underserved communities.* Spectrum Enterprise offers a suite of eligible services—and a team of dedicated Rural Health Care Program specialists—to help you navigate the program and support your goals to expand and improve the quality of healthcare for rural and underserved communities.

*Funding is provided to individual health care providers (HCPs) and consortia, which can include non-rural HCPs (if the consortium has a majority of rural sites).

What is the Healthcare Connect Fund?

The Healthcare Connect Fund provides discounts of up to 65% off broadband services. It expands HCP access to broadband services and encourages the creation of state and regional broadband healthcare networks. These networks can be used for a variety of purposes—from transmitting electronic health records (EHRs), sending X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to a distant hospital to videoconferencing for telehealth or training. The program is administered by the Rural Healthcare Division of USAC.

What is the Telecommunications Program?

The Telecommunications Program provides a USAC-calculated discount on telecom expenses based on the urban-rural price difference in your area. It enables HCPs to access broadband and telecom services that otherwise may be out of reach for rural communities, empowering providers to enable care delivery options in telehealth and beyond. The program is administered by the Rural Healthcare Division of USAC.

How we can help

Spectrum Enterprise provides broadband and telecom services eligible for RHC Program discounts and we have a team of more than 100 experienced professionals who can help you access information to qualify for funding.

Our team stays up to date on the latest USAC administrative rules and procedures, and can help you navigate the RHC application processes to transition your healthcare facility to an integrated community healthcare network. For assistance, contact a local, dedicated Spectrum Enterprise Healthcare representative.


Spectrum Enterprise is authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide broadband and telecom services under the Rural Health Care Program. The company’s Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) is 143050436

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Rural Health Care Program eligible services*

*Eligibility of products and services for Rural Health Care Program discounts is determined by the FCC and administered by the Rural Healthcare Division of USAC.

Frequently asked questions

To be eligible for RHC subsidies, you must qualify as one of the types of healthcare providers* listed below:

  • Post-secondary educational institutions offering healthcare instruction, such as teaching hospitals and medical schools
  • Community health centers or health centers providing healthcare to migrants
  • Local health departments or agencies
  • Community mental health centers
  • Not-for-profit hospitals
  • Rural health clinics
  • Consortia of HCPs consisting of one or more of the above entities
  • Dedicated emergency departments of rural for-profit hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facilities


*The list of eligible HCPs above is the same for both the Healthcare Connect Fund and the Telecommunications Program. More information on eligibility requirements can be found here.

Eligible broadband services are discounted up to 65 percent, which are applied to your monthly broadband services bill. A list of eligible services can be found here

Eligible telecom discounts are calculated by USAC. USAC provides the discount approval to the HCP and to the service provider. A list of eligible services can be found here.

All of the forms, deadlines and supporting documentation are discussed in detail on the USAC website. You can get specific information on how to complete individual forms by reviewing form user guides and watching video tutorials. In addition, the reference area of the website contains information on deadlines, sample letters, and other useful documents. The USAC Client Service Bureau is also available to answer questions by telephone, at 800-453-1546, during normal business hours. USAC has provided a detailed chart with links to forms and their descriptions.

Healthcare Connect Fund

Telecommunications Program forms

Once USAC approves your Form 462 (Funding Request Form) and issues your funding commitment letter (FCL), then you must submit Form 463 (Invoice and Request for Disbursement Form). Spectrum Enterprise will retrieve your Form 463 from USAC’s “My Portal,” and issue a disbursement credit to your account. If you need assistance with the Form 463 submission, please contact

Once USAC approves your Form 466 (Funding Request Form) and issues your funding commitment letter (FCL), then you must submit a Form 467 (Connection Certification Form). A copy of the FCL is sent to the service provider with the amount of estimated funding. If you need assistance with the Form 466 submission, please contact

To apply for USAC’s RHC program, apply online at USAC’s My Portal. We are happy to assist you in obtaining your eligible RHC discounts, and in transforming your healthcare facility into an integrated and enhanced community healthcare network.