Regional Locations

Seamlessly integrate your company's locations

Create Better Product and Services, Improve Customer Service and Lower Costs

Ask any business leader what their objectives are and you’ll get very similar answers: create better products and services; improve customer service or lower operational costs. Your goals are probably very similar as well and the IT challenge that presents itself is to enable communication and collaboration from geographically-dispersed locations. In an ever-increasing competitive environment, how do you set your business apart from the rest? The answer is actually rather simple. Do the same thing, but just do it better.

Let the Innovation Flow by Seamlessly Integrating Your Office Locations

When it comes to creating better products and services, improving customer service or lowering costs, businesses consistently turn to technology to deliver the innovation they need to meet these goals. Today that innovation happens in the cloud, data center and sometimes via our various mobile devices. The key to 'doing' this better lies in how well you enable information to flow between these sources of innovation throughout your organization locations.

Seamless Cloud Connectivity, Big Data, and Mobility

Setting up an effective network to link all of your locations and resources together in the most efficient way requires an understanding of your operations and technical knowledge. Just as your business is unique, there is no single right answer. If your innovation is coming from the cloud than high speed Internet access will be critical. However, if your innovation is being driven by the mining of Big Data, then a high performance WAN between your data centers is key. Or perhaps your innovation will be driven through the application of video or via the enablement of a mobile workforce with a reliable fiber connection.

Connecting the sources of innovation together in a ‘better’ way requires more than the use of the right type of network technology. Your network needs to have the performance that provides you with the competitive advantage, is reliable so that you can focus your resources on your goals and it needs to be supported by a team you can trust.