We believe the digitally-connected enterprise can outperform


Technology is more critical to business success than ever before. Advancements like the cloud and IoT are enabling companies to satisfy client needs faster and extend digital services farther. Today, the network doesn't just support the business; the network is the business.

At Spectrum Enterprise, we believe that connectivity is fundamental to the progress of every organization, and are committed to providing the digital infrastructure that enables every enterprise to outperform. Our portfolio includes fiber Internet, voice, TV and cloud infrastructure solutions as well as network and managed services.

Technology and expertise that exceed expectations

Dense fiber reach nationwide

  • 32 metros across 41 states
  • ~200,000 fiber-lit buildings
  • 230,000+ fiber-route miles

Deep expertise

  • Fiber, cloud and IT infrastructure solutions
  • 1450+ IT certifications
  • 900+ MEF-certified specialists

Committed to delivering quality experiences

  • One team = one experience
  • Unparalleled SLAs
  • Self-service online portals
  • Network Operations Center

$1 billion investment to support client progress

Because we believe that every enterprise deserves the chance to reach its full potential, we have invested more than one billion dollars to increase client access to our national fiber network, which includes absorbing the costs of fiber construction for the majority of enterprise buildings within our footprint. Every day we add 50+ fiber-lit buildings to our network.

We are also investing significant resources into transforming the client experience so it better serves today’s digital enterprise. We are tracking, assessing and measuring emotion, expectation and behavior throughout the entire client journey to ensure continuous improvement and achieve our mission of delivering an effortless experience.

Join us as we turn the promise of digital technology into progress together