Can I get fiber-optic internet?


Can I get fiber-optic Internet?

Your ability to get fiber-optic Internet and the faster Internet speeds it can provide depends on two factors:

  • The availability of fiber-optic Internet service in your area.

  • The quality of your computer hardware, including your router, network adapter and Ethernet cabling.

Fiber-optic Internet service is becoming widely available throughout the United States. Attracted by the possibility of blisteringly fast Internet speeds, businesses and business users everywhere are asking the same question: “Can I get fiber-optic internet?” The answer depends on several variables.

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Can I get fiber-optic Internet?

Your ability to get fiber-optic Internet—and more importantly, to take advantage of fast fiber-optic Internet speed—is based on whether the service is available in your area, and whether your computer can handle Internet speed up to a gigabit or more.

Can I get fiber-optic Internet in my area?

To determine whether fiber-optic Internet is available in your area, you’ll need to contact your local Internet service providers (ISPs).

Can I get fiber-optic Internet gigabit speed with a wired connection?

If you have access to fiber-optic Internet, your next question is whether your existing computer hardware can handle the gigabit speeds that this technology can provide. Specifically, you’ll want to make sure that your router ports and router CPU are gigabit-ready, that you’re using Cat 6 Ethernet cable (Cat 5e cable can handle gigabit speeds, but Cat 6 will provide better service with less crosstalk) and that your network adapter is gigabit-capable.

Can I get fiber-optic Internet gigabit speed with a WiFi connection?

WiFi connections will inevitably be slower than wired connections, but you can increase your WiFi speed by ensuring that your computer is using the latest WiFi standards, that you use the 5 GHz band on your WiFi router, and that your device is located as close as possible to the WiFi router.

Can I get fiber-optic Internet gigabit speed on mobile devices?

Mobile technology is rapidly advancing and Gigabit LTE technology now promises connection speeds that peak at 1 Gb per second.

How can I get fiber-optic Internet from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise offers fiber-optic Internet service in 41 states and 32 metropolitan areas throughout the country. With bandwidth that scales from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps and dedicated connections, Spectrum Enterprise delivers fast, high-performance connectivity for data-intensive, cloud-based and mission-critical applications.