Is fiber internet better than cable internet?


Is fiber Internet better than cable Internet?

  • Fiber Internet provides faster speeds and higher bandwidth than cable Internet, transmitting data at nearly the speed of light over fiber-optic cables.

  • Fiber Internet offers greater reliability than cable Internet, as fiber cables are less susceptible to weather conditions, fire hazards and electromagnetic interference.

  • Fiber Internet delivers higher security than cable Internet, as fiber signals are nearly impossible to intercept.

While cable has been the dominant technology in high-speed Internet access for years, fiber Internet services are quickly gaining ground, providing gigabit Internet to businesses throughout the country. Fiber Internet service claims include faster speeds, higher bandwidth and greater reliability. But is fiber Internet better than cable Internet in practice?

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Is fiber Internet better than cable Internet?

Fiber Internet access is made possible through fiber-optic cables comprised of dozens to hundreds of very thin strands of glass or plastic. Data is sent through these cables as pulses of light, rather than electrical signals, as is the case with cable Internet, enabling fiber Internet communications to travel over longer distances with greater speed and reliability.

Is fiber Internet better than cable Internet in terms of speed?

Cable Internet service is typically available at speeds of 50 Mbps to 200 Mbps, but actual performance may vary based on Internet usage and peak traffic periods. Fiber Internet service, on the other hand, is commercially available at speeds up to 10 Gbps, 50 times faster than a 200 Mbps connection and 200 times faster than a 50 Mbps connection.

Is fiber Internet better than cable Internet when it comes to bandwidth?

Fiber Internet has a higher bandwidth than cable, as the range of frequencies over which data can be transmitted without losing quality is much higher for fiber-optic cable than for copper cable.

Is fiber Internet better than cable Internet for reliability?

With cable Internet, loss of connectivity can result when copper wires are subject to temperature fluctuations, severe weather conditions or moisture. Because cable Internet transmits data via electrical signals, the proximity of powerful electrical equipment can cause electromagnetic interference (EMI).

In contrast, fiber-optic cables do not use electricity and are unaffected by EMI. Fiber-optic cables are much stronger than copper, making them more resistant to environmental hazards.

Is fiber Internet better than cable Internet in terms of security?

Since fiber Internet communications do not use electrical signals, they are much harder to intercept. Attempts to infiltrate a fiber Internet cable will likely result in the glass strands breaking, which will alert system administrators to a potential hack.

Is Spectrum Enterprise fiber Internet better than cable Internet?

Spectrum Enterprise offers fiber Internet services with dedicated Internet access that provides consistent bandwidth throughout the day. Our robust fiber network consists of thousands of fiber-route miles and fiber-lit buildings nationwide, and our fiber Internet services can scale easily from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps to accommodate any business need.